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Clash of The Titans

Yonah Hochhauser
22 October, 2018
1 min read
What Happened

Twitter is in an uproar over the possibility of a live debate between Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin and Crypto critic Nouriel Roubini and the ensuing drama over who might moderate such an event.

Laura Shin, host of the popular crypto podcast Unchained, invited Vitalik and Roubini to a debate on her podcast. Vitalik responded with a “yeah sure why not” while Nouriel’s answer was a bit harsher

Twitter supporters from both sides then jumped in and started giving their two cents on the topic. Many attacked Nouriel for claiming that Laura was a “biased shill” when according to them she was an honest journalist. Laura responded with much restraint in the following tweet

Why it matters

Vitalik is one of the most visible and prominent members of the cryptocurrency community. He holds massive influence as both a celebrity figure and as an expert in the field. Vitalik has been pushing for a switch to proof of stake as a form of consensus.


Nouriel, or “Doctor Doom” as he’s known to many for his prediction of the 2008 economic crisis, just gave a scathing testimony to the US senate where he called cryptocurrency “the mother of all scams.” He went on to claim that cryptocurrencies aren’t scalable and are only used by criminals. Nouriel was just as tough on blockchain, calling it an “overhyped technology…glorified spreadsheet or database.”



A battle for the ages seems poised to go down as Vitalik "The Crushin Russian" Vitalik takes on Nouriel "Playboy" Roubini are set to have a live debate. They are currently arguing on twitter about who will moderate the debate with Nouriel declining Laura Shin, Tyler Cowen, and Kevin Pham so far. Check back here at BlockTV for all the updates on the debate, in the meantime I'm gonna grab myself some popcorn.

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