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VIDEO: Roger Ver Pours his Heart Out, Exposing BCH Dirt

Yonah Hochhauser
09 November, 2018
5 min read

BCH investor and CEO Roger Ver released a Youtube video with his thoughts on the BCH hard fork coming up on Nov. 15th. The video exposed a nasty email he said received from SV supporter and ‘I am Satoshi” claimer Craig Wright. The letter showed Craig being very aggressive, crude, and threatening about Ver's support for the upcoming hard fork that will split the current chain into two separate coins.

Copy Of Craig's Email to Roger. Screenshot of Roger Ver Video / Youtube 

Copy Of Craig's Email to Roger. Screenshot of Roger Ver Video / Youtube 

So far, the most valuable support for the Bitcoin SV side is CoinGeek and the hashing power they bring to the network. CoinGeek is currently sided with SV, but the bottom line for miners is profit and they need to mine a coin that can bring money in. If support keeps growing for the ABC side, then there is nothing stopping them from switching sides and inflicting a potentially fatal wound to the SV chain.

The reasons Roger stated he is ok with forks in general is because “At the core and center of the spirit of BCH is that if the minority disagrees with the majority they should be free to fork away. If it weren't for people thinking that way BCH wouldn't exist today.” 

He takes offense to Craig’s threats against the split by stating

“If your wife wants to divorce you don't lock her in the closet and say no”

It wasn't all angst though. When highlighting the fact that ABC has 10 to 1 more hashpower as of right now than SV, Roger slipped up and started saying BT when trying to refer to SV. He then joked “ABC, SV, there's way too many acronyms for all these things, coins at this point." I have to agree with him there.

The result of the video is that Roger came off looking calm, thoughtful, and open to discussion about different views for BCH. Craig’s reputation on the other hand really took a hit as a result of the letter seeming very harsh and immature. Roger even took Craig to town for threatening regulatory action by stating “Tha'ts what has me so excited about cryptocurrencies is that it's disempowering those who want to control us.” Roger then went on to whip out bottles of alcohol provided by the hotel he was staying at referring to them as ‘drugs’ to highlight his libertarian views.

Wright has faced a lot of criticism in the crypto community because he claimed to be the real Satoshi Nakamoto. When given the opportunity to produce a digital signature only the real Satoshi can produce, he was unable to. Additionally, the fact that Wright is trying to patent blockchain tech for profit goes against what many believe to be the fundamental principles of Bitcoin and its open source, decentralized, peer to peer, ecosystem ideology.

Roger goes on to say how he sides with Vitalik Buterin when he said

“if I found out Craig Wright was Satoshi, it wouldn't raise my view of Craig, it would lower my view of Satoshi”

Who knows what will happen come November 15th when BCH hard forks. The one thing I do know is that Craig Wright is losing the public image battle to Roger Ver for those sitting on the fence.

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