Nouriel Roubini and John Mcafee
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Are You A Roubini Or Are You A McAfee ?

Yonah Hochhauser
22 November, 2018
3 min read

Two of the biggest and outspoken personalities in the cryptosphere, Nouriel “Dr. Doom” Roubini and John McAfee each took to Twitter to give their two cents on the latest bear market. 

Roubini was quick to ring the victory bell and pat himself on the back after years of calling cryptocurrencies a "cryptoscam." The NYE Stern professor recently wrote an article claiming that Central Bank-issued digital currencies would provide all the pros of cryptocurrencies (instantaneous, low fee, and trackable) with all the security, regulation, and scalability of fiat money.

McAfee, on the other hand, advised calm and claimed that this is merely a downturn that will result in a bull market as seen many times before. He urged the cryptosphere to "Fucking Relax," which he can be seen practicing what he preached in the following video:

Together they represent two distinct takes on the current market downturn.

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