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It’s Springtime For Crypto In North Korea

David Rosh Pina
26 November, 2018
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North Korea, the world’s crypto dictatorship, continues to make strides on the blockchain. Now it says it will open its doors to international industry experts for a cryptocurrency conference it plans to hold next year.

Paradise on Earth

For €3300 ($3754), attendees will receive an all-inclusive stay at the Autocratic Disneyland state and get a complimentary wallet attack free of charge, courtesy of Lazarus, the North Korean state-sponsored super hacking syndicate that has allegedly stolen $571M from exchanges. Who can say no to that? The seventh day of the cryptocurrency conference schedule also includes a trip to the Daedonggang Beer Factory. But don’t worry, North Koreans can’t afford it so you will have all the beer for yourself.

Americans will get visas to attend the conference for the period in which it will take place. The point is to seal the friendship of the American "dear leader" Donald Trump with Kim Jong Un. And it gets even better – baddies won’t be able to attend and spoil the fun. The conference is not open to citizens of Israel, Japan, or South Korea. Journalists are also not allowed to attend. A note on the website also warns: "Any mass printed propaganda or digital/printed material against the dignity of the Republic is not allowed."

When Will it Happen?

The Pyongyang Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Conference will take place from April 18 to 25, 2019, and attendees will also be treated to a seven-day tour of the country, according to British newspaper, The Independent. Radio Free Asia also reported via the Straits Times that a previous conference had been held in October, but received very little media coverage.

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