WATCH: Crypto Donations Do Good in Venezuela

Oran Spitzer
01 December, 2018
2 min read

A Redditor named Victor with the handle u/ImViTo posted an emotional video of himself donating clothes, toys, and school supplies to children in poverty stricken Venezuela. The items were all purchased in Bitcoin (BTC) that was donated to him by the crypto community.  

"I have been into crypto for a while, not full on deep but was informed, so one day I was browsing through Instagram and saw that a local butcher shop was accepting BTC as payment, and said, 'oh, that's neat, I should visit them'," he told BLOCKTV from his home in Venezuela via private message.

After sharing the picture of the butcher shop sign, a Redditor sent him $5 in bitcoin to buy himself something in order to confirm. "I was surprised and told him that I was going to make a little video and so I did, and people asked for my address. I posted it and (people) started sending me BTC, and that's how I got the money! and decided to do good with it!"

While visiting the butcher shop, Victor recorded a video of himself purchasing a few essential items in crypto.

Victor says that his inspiration and 'do-good' attitude came from compatriot and fellow Redditor EatBCH. "I told myself, if he does good, what is stopping me from doing good too?"

He plans to continue this journey of charitable work with crypto. "Since Christmas is coming I'm planning to give away food at the hospital where I have already given away food two times," he said.

With cryptocurrencies and the underlying blockchain technology, the world is becoming extremely small and well connected. People from all over the place can help each other out, regardless of distance. That’s what this tech is supposed to be all about. This is proof that it is possible for crypto to be mainstream, and use cases are all around. 

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