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Siri, Can I Get My Crypto Back?

Yonah Hochhauser
09 December, 2018
4 min read

After all the fun I had using Zwaply, I couldn’t help myself once I heard I could send XRP hands free using Siri. I knew I had to test the hype and give it a try.

XrpTipBot allows users to send XRP to others through Reddit/ Twitter/ Discord. It was created by an XRP enthusiast named @WietseWind. @xRpTo_O then took the idea further and created an add-on to Siri Shortcuts that allows Siri to access the TipBot app and execute the trades all hands free.

The process was just as frustrating as everything related to crypto is. First I had to connect my Twitter account to the TipBot by logging into my Twitter on their website. Then I had to deposit XRP to my TipBot account but of course the QR code they provided couldn’t be read by my wallet so I had to manually input it (making another mess up on my part highly likely.) 

After that I downloaded the XrpTipBot app to my iPhone. Then I added a friend of mine who also had to make a TipBot account to my contact list in the app. Boom, all that was left was to ask Siri to "send XRP" (or so I thought.)

I tried four times to get Siri to send XRP totally hands free by requesting to send it to my contact. Unfortunately, on all four tries, the app claimed I didn’t have any contacts when I clearly did. 

Contact list. Screenshot from Yonah's phone.

Contact list. Screenshot from Yonah's phone.

After giving up on sending XRP totally hands free, I attempted to initiate the app using Siri hands free, but scan the QR code of the recipient using my hands. This worked and got me to the next step, which was telling Siri how much XRP I wanted to send. I told her 'two' but (of course) she heard 'to' and said "I do not recognize that amount" and made me start from step one. After about four tries of that, I then requested to send 'three' XRP to avoid confusing Siri and that finally worked.

Now, my friend had three XRP in his XrpTipBot account and wanted to take it out. Only then did we find out that there is a 20 XRP minimum for accounts that are sending the coins as to avoid spamming the network. Once again, actually using cryptocurrency has proven to be a non-user friendly process that is overly confusing, lengthy, and detail intensive with a lot of room for human error. This experiment might have only cost me six XRP, but more importantly, it cost me an hour and a half of my life. Until crypto steps up its ease of use and UI/UX, there will not be mainstream adoption, no matter how... decentralizedrevolutionaryimmutableanonymoushashpowereddistruptive-instantanous it may be.



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