Naeem Aslam Interview


'Market Crash? An Opportunity To Buy More Bitcoin Cheap'

12 December, 2018
1 min read

Naeem Aslam, chief market analyst of U.K.-based global broker agency ThinkMarkets, did not join the rattled/horrified sentiment that swept through much of the cryptosphere after the crypto markets took their recent deep, deep dive. In fact, he took the opportunity to buy more Bitcoin at a much lower price. "I still believe in Ether, but this was a great opportunity," he told BLOCKTV's Yael Lavie. "My portfolio is more balanced."

Aslam, who is also a columnist for Forbes, was a special guest at the Next Block Conference, held in Tel Aviv on Wednesday. Under the title "From Chaos To Clarity," the event focused on the trends expected in 2019, and drew participants and visitors from across the world of blockchain. In a special interview to BLOCKTV, Aslam predicts more stability for crypto, but warns that "many factors are still missing."

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