Alex Mashinsky


Are 'Fiat Tourists' To Blame For The Recent Market Collapse?

13 December, 2018
1 min read

With the way the crypto market has been looking for the past month, is it still worth investing in? The founder and CEO of the Celsius Network, Alex Mashinsky, certainly thinks so. His company is currently building a wallet that could support the top 20 crypto coins, and their goal is to add 100 million new users to the cryptocurrency community.

While making an appearance at the Next Block Conference, held in Tel Aviv on Wednesday, we had the chance to speak to Mashinsky and listen to his views on the evolving world of blockchain, and the state of the crypto market. Mashinsky points to "tourists from fiatland" as the main cause for the recent market drop, but he has plenty of confidence that the market will get over this period. A crypto idealist, Mashinsky helped BLOCKTV's Natasha Kirtchuk point out the most important features in picking a crypto investment.

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