Top Christmas Songs: Walkin' In A Crypto Wonderland

Oran Spitzer
25 December, 2018
2 min read

The cryptoverse is all about the music it seems. More and more songs are being published by the community on platforms like YouTube every day.

The holiday season is no different. The people have spoken, and crypto Christmas songs are fun enough to be added to your current holiday playlist (we know you have one).

If you’re obsessed with crypto songs like we are, you can check out more here.

The song that tops the list is a genre favorite amongst crypto song creators, rap. "Riding the Market (Crypto Rap)" is a nod to a bright future for the markets. The uploader, Colin Talks Crypto, uploaded the song especially for Christmas, offering the song up as a recommendation for traders to wait out the current strain on the market, saying, "I'm holder, accumulator, stackin’ that crypto." His point solidified by the lyrics, "I never sell, but I buy that dip though, saw a guy take a loan on his house now he's crying all alone and he sleeps on the couch."

"Crypto Wonderland" is a gentle take on the classic, "Winter Wonderland." The song lyrics are a reflection on what the cryptosphere has gone through, with a bonus positive look ahead. Singer and publisher of the song, Naomi Brockwell, delivers a sweet performance that can be enjoyed by all.

With an Edward Snowden poster in the background, how can anyone not appreciate the song by true crypto believers?

We just had to add this song. Not that we don’t enjoy the crypto parody song, but it is nice to get an original song every now and again. And not only is this an original crypto song, it’s an original CRYPTO CHRISTMAS SONG!

I mean, how can you not admire people who wrote the lyrics, "I love Christmas yes I do, but I love crypto more it’s true?"

Nothing like a Mariah Carey song to get you into any kind of mood, and we know that "All I Want for Christmas is You" is one of the most iconic songs during the holiday season.

But what about a crypto parody of the song? The answer is yes! Uploaded by Charlie Network on YouTube, "All I want is Bitcoin" really reflects the crypto community’s true wants.

The next two spots are dedicated to Savii Digital’s channel. The first song is their take on "Carol of the Bells." The lyrics to the crypto edition of the song are a reality check on the negatives of the way our financial system works, wrapped up in a harmonious and familiar tune.

This next Savii Digital song is a refreshing version of "The Twelve Days of Christmas." The family-friendly, ultra-catchy song is one that can easily be sung around the tree. You’ll definitely be able to do that next week when your tree will still be up (let’s be real).

Savii Digital is definitely hardcore competition for any crypto song creators. Don’t say BLOCKTV didn’t warn you.  

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