Courtesy of Tyler Lindholm


Wyoming State Rep. Taking The Blockchain Bull By The Horns

Yael Lavie
26 December, 2018
1 min read

It’s been a good year for blockchain in Wyoming. The Cowboy state was the trailblazer of 2018 – passing state-level legislation that is friendlier to blockchain companies and cryptocurrencies instead of waiting for the SEC to do the same.

So how did this happen in Wyoming of all places? Mostly due to the efforts of men like Tyler Lindholm, a Republican member of the Wyoming House of Representatives. Lindholm spearheaded the blockchain-friendly legislation, which amongst other perks enshrines digital utility tokens as an asset and exempts cryptocurrency taxed by the IRS as physical property. A part-time lawmaker, electrician, firefighter, and self-described libertarian, Tyler believes Wyoming has set the stage for other states this year to follow suit. He also has a message for Wall Street critics who claim he jumped the gun with his state-level legislation. BLOCKTV had a chance to speak to Lindholm and hear his thoughts on how cowboys can ride with the bulls.

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