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Litecoin Takes The Ring: First Crypto To Sponsor UFC Fight

28 December, 2018
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The Litecoin Foundation is officially a sponsor and cryptocurrency partner to the UFC.

The event is a rematch between former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones and UFC light heavyweight Alexander Gustafsson, taking place on Saturday, December 29.

The announcement revealed a few motivations that caused Litecoin to take part in such an event. 

The company is of the thought that although they are in different fields, the community supporting both the UFC and Litecoin are very similar.

"Over the last 25 years, UFC, the world’s premier mixed martial arts organization, has evolved from a tiny grassroots movement to a global phenomenon, largely based on the extremely passionate community it has cultivated along the way. We see many parallels to Litecoin in this way as our amazing community has been instrumental in our growth and providing unwavering passion and enthusiasm that continues to propel us forward."


This can be viewed as a success in stimulating mainstream awareness of cryptocurrency:

"This is a milestone for Litecoin and cryptocurrency in general as no other coin has sponsored a UFC event to date. With brands and institutions continuing to push into cryptocurrency and blockchain, this is yet another signal of this technology moving closer towards the mainstream."

This is indeed a win for the cryptosphere, and a sure way to spark people’s interest "and drive engagement with people from all walks of life who may have never heard of Litecoin or cryptocurrency before."

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