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Coming Soon: First Blockchain TV Channel

10 January, 2019
1 min read

Welcome to the BLOCKTV Website - your new, reliable, up-to-date and meaningful source of unbiased information for the Blockchain innovation world and the cryptocurrency markets.

But our website is only the beginning for the BLOCKTV media organisation. BLOCKTV's primary mission is to be the first television news channel dedicated to covering the Blockchain revolution globally LIVE 24/7.

BLOCKTV's broadcasts will hit the airwaves in January 2019, offering viewers a fresh, bold and modern approach for a fun, reliable and informative news experience. Our goal: to offer an around-the-clock news channel that will be streamed live to any device of your choice and in time broadcasted globally through AppleTV, Amazon Fire, Google Play, Satellite TV and Cable.

We aim to be the go-to visual news outlet for the already invested audience, while opening traditional news digesters to the importance and potential of blockchain technology.

Broadcasting live and direct to your pocket, home and desktop, the BLOCKTV television channel will bring you the most compelling and insightful stories, shaping the world of Blockchain.

Tune in January for the worlds newest blockchain and crypto news experience.

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